Do you always have to clean your floors from your dog’s urine? I know how frustrating it can be, especially if it’s early morning or you just arrived home late from work. Now, you don’t have to punish or yell at your dog because there are actually some easy ways on how to stop a dog from peeing in the house.

In this article, I will not only provide solutions but I’ll determine the possible causes. Once you know the reason why your dog is behaving this way, you can apply the right solution. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What Could Be The Reasons Why Your Dog Pees Indoors

Not Really House-Trained

One of the main reasons why your dog pees in the house could be the fact that he’s not fully house trained. As such, if you find that your dog has made a mess on your floor, ignore it and establish some toilet-training protocol. For example, you can use a crate to retrain your dog to do his business.


Sometimes, your dog’s occasional accidents may be caused by any behavioral problems. He can feel anxious when separated from you for a very long time. When he gets overexcited, he can happily urinate on the floor with all the jiggling, jumping, and wiggling.

Your dog can also urinate accidentally when he’s afraid. This submissive behavior can happen when someone scolds or reaches for the dog.


If you own some cats and more than one dog, his sudden mishap may be caused by territorial issues. He pees in very specific areas of your house to mark his territory. This kind of marking may also happen when your dog reaches sexual maturity. The urine mark will attract mates.

Health Problems

If you’re sure that your dog is truly toilet-trained, he would not begin peeing indoors unless there is a medical problem. Such medical problems include urinary tract infections, liver disease, and kidney disease. If this is the case for your dog, he’ll pee wherever he happens to be standing.

What You’ll Need

Enzymatic Cleaner

To remove any traces of urine odor from your carpet, floor, and furniture, you can spray it with some enzymatic cleaner, like this one. This type of solution often uses enzymes and other ingredients to neutralize odors and remove stains. This will hopefully stop the constant marking of your dogs.


When buying any enzymatic cleaner, look at the ingredients and avoid the ammonia ingredient. This will only attract your pet to pee on that area more because urine contains ammonia. Here are some alternatives you can use.

If your dog urinates on a hardwood or hard surfaces, then Borax is a great solution. Not only does this cleaner help your detergent, but it can also neutralize odors that happen in your home. Known as sodium borate, borax is an all-natural mineral that’s a safer alternative to commercial sprays as it contains no other chemicals and fragrances.

Dish Detergent + Hot Water

For those who have carpets stained with your dog’s urine, you can use one teaspoon of dish detergent with one cup of hot water. As compared to other detergents, a dish detergent is more gentle to your carpet and to your pet.

Vinegar + Water

You can also use mix vinegar and water in 1:2 ratio. Vinegar has high levels of acetic acid to kill bacteria and also eliminate urine smells. The strong acidic smell of vinegar will discourage your dog to urinate further in that similar space.

Rubbing Alcohol + Water

Rubbing alcohol has a strong scent that is highly unpleasant to dogs. Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water. Aside from the removing the urine smell, rubbing alcohol may also disinfect the area.

Spray Bottle

You’ll need a spray bottle to serve as a container for your cleaner solution. Be sure that the bottle has a spray nozzle so you can easily apply the solution on the affected spot. If possible, look for an empty spray bottle in your home so you don’t have to spend an additional expense.

Blow Dryer (Optional)

If you like to speed up the drying of the cleaner solution, you can use a blow dryer. This is optional because you can always leave the soaked area to dry by itself. Alternatively, you can use a fan to dry the soaked area.


You may lure your dog to urinate in a newspaper initially. Once the newspaper is soaked with your dog’s urine, you can place it outdoors to show him the same spot outside. Hopefully, you may want to use the newspaper for a short time only.


You’ll need treats to make your dog feel more secure when you’re away. Each time your dog will be able to do his business outside, you can use treats as a reward. If you’re keeping your dog in a crate, place some treats to make him entertained and preoccupied. Your treats can be a food or a toy.


If you’re retraining your dog to pee outside, you don’t want him to roam inside your house without you watching. To make sure that he’s not making a mess for the meantime, you can keep him in a crate. This will be temporary until he learns how to pee outside on his own.

The size of the crate should be enough for your dog to move around, but not that large that he can use the excess space as a toilet. If you’re using the crate for a short time, you can ask your local animal shelter if they have something for rent.

Lemon Juice + Water

The citric acid from the lemon may be effective in cleaning and removing the smell of urine from your carpet. Simply mix a freshly squeezed lemon with water. While keeping your dog to urinate on the same spot, lemons are more pleasant for humans.

Step-By-Step Instructions


Try To Determine The Reason Why Your Dog Pees Inside

As I have mentioned above, your dog may be peeing in the house due to several reasons: not properly house-trained, marking, overexcitement, anxiety, fear, and medical problems. To rule each reason out, observe and address the problem properly.


Potty Train Your Dog Again

As I have mentioned above, your dog may be peeing in the house due to several reasons: not properly house-trained, marking, overexcitement, anxiety, fear, and medical problems. To rule each reason out, observe and address the problem properly.

If your dog still pees in the house, one potential reason can be that your dog isn’t potty trained properly. In this case, you have to teach him how to pee outside again. Introduce him to new marking areas, like trees or rocks.

You can do the potty training first thing in the morning, before his bedtime, and each time you leave or arrive home from work. To make sure that he do his business outside, you can soak a newspaper with his urine and place in the designated area outside. The scent of the newspaper will bring him outside for sure.

Each time that he’s successful in peeing outside, praise and reward him with a treat. That way, you can encourage him to do this positive act always.


Crate Your Dog For The Meantime

During your potty training, keep your dog inside a crate if you’ll leave the house. It’s just like leaving a human baby inside his crib. You don’t want your baby to wander without your supervision.

If your don’t know how to crate train your puppy, watch this video:

At this point, you may face a lot of whining from your dog. Don’t give in to it. Place some treats and toys inside the crate so your dog is entertained. Once your dog learns the basic routine of peeing outside, you can leave without locking him up in the crate.


Lead The Pack To Stop Marking

Dogs often mark certain areas of your house to protect his possessions and territory. If you see that your dog is about to mark new objects and vertical surfaces, you can intervene to stop it.

You can get their attention by clapping your hands. As he stops temporarily, you can take him outside to finish his business. Don’t forget to praise and reward once he finishes the deed.

Once your dog marked on something, don’t punish him, instead teach him the proper behavior firmly and confidently. You can also neuter or spay your dog before he reaches the maturity age or by about 6 months old. Oftentimes, dogs mark objects or spaces to attract mates.


Find Out If Your Dog Has A Health Problem

Once your dog accidentally urinates even if he’s properly potty trained, the reason can be more serious. Your dog could be suffering from a health problem, such as urinary infections, kidney disease, or liver disease. Sometimes old age can be a reason why your dog is losing muscle tone so his urine may leak accidentally.

If your dog’s urine is cloudy, he might have a kidney infection. If he needs to pee frequently and urgently, then he might have a urinary tract infection. Several signs of diabetes include weight loss, excessive thirst, and increased urination.

If you suspect that your dog is having a health problem, you can visit your veterinarian for professional help. Your vet will conduct an extensive physical exam, blood profile, and urinalysis. If your dog can’t find any medical problem, then probably, your dog’s occasional accident is caused by a behavioral problem.


Address Behavioral Issues

If your dog pees when he gets overexcited, you can solve it by greeting him outside and waiting for him to calm down before you get close to him. Some signs of overexcitement include wiggling and jumping.

Once your dog is calm, command him to sit and look the other side, then greet him by squatting down. You can also pet him on the chest and under the chin to keep him calm. Instead of bodily contact, play with toys.

Your puppy can also urinate accidentally if he feels anxiety. This can happen if you leave him alone in the house. To keep him entertained, give him toys or treats. You can also leave your radio or television on. The voices from the television and radio can make your dog feel secure.


Neutralize The Odor Of Your Dog’s Urine

Removing the odor of your dog’s urine is one thing that you can do how to stop him from peeing inside the house. Neutralizing the odor will hopefully stop your dog from marking the exact spot.

Now, spray the solution and let it soak to the affected area. If you like to speed up the drying process, use a fan or a blow dryer. While you’re doing this, make sure that your dog won’t go near the area.

You can use a commercial enzymatic cleaner or any of the homemade alternatives mentioned above, like diluted lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar. Place the homemade solution in a spray bottle to keep it handy.

Pro Tips

If you caught your dog marking a specific area or object in the house, don’t interrupt, instead firmly say, “no”.

If your dog is in heat, keep him/her away from the opposite sex. An exciting situation can increase marking.

Keep the marked objects away from your dog. You can place the marked object outside so he can do his business outside by following the scent of his urine marking.

Final Thought

Did you have fun learning how to stop a dog from peeing in the house? This may not work overnight, so expect some whining and occasional accidents from time to time. What you need is patience because it takes time for your dog to get used to the new routine.

In my experience, it took three weeks for my dog to follow the routine of going outside to pee. Of course, there was some whining from his part but with treats, you can encourage him to follow your orders.

If you have dogs that pee inside your house, let us know how you solve it in the comments section. Please share this article if you find it helpful and informative!

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