Hello, I am Kelvin, founder of Puptigy.

Taking care of your pet is easier than you can imagine. You might be overwhelmed with all the pet caring tips you’ve read online.

Here at Puptigy, my team and I will offer tips, ideas, and insights for making your life with your pet more fun and enjoyable. We’ll try to address common problems and present solutions that actually work!


First, I want to banish a few common myths about dogs that I keep reading. These just prove how much misinformation is spreading online.

Myth 1: Giving Leftovers Will Minimize Waste

Now many people are guilty of this one. You might be reducing waste in your kitchen, but you could be feeding your pet with high-fat content and toxic foods. Cooked bones especially are dangerous to your dog because they can split and cause splinters on his stomach. Do your pet a favor and stick to a dog or cat food that meets his diet needs.

Myth 2: An Old Dog Can’t Learn New Tricks

This has got to be the oldest myth about dogs out there, so old that it has already become an adage. The truth is, age is not a restrictive factor for training or tricks even if he has suffered limited vision or hearing. The success of this trick depends on you, the trainer. If you’re patient, you can definitely do it.

My poodle is 10 years old when I adopted him but I was still able to train him the basic tricks of “Down”, “Stay”, and eventually how to play dead. Of course, it took several months and treats, but the outcome was all worth it.

Myth 3: Dogs Wag Their Tails Because They’re Happy

Happiness isn’t the only reason why your dog is wagging his tail. It could also be a sign of anxiety, fear, or imminent hostility. If you don’t know the dog, observe his total body language before you approach him.


Our mission is to offer genuine information and training tips to as many people as possible. After all, we believe that pets are part of our family so they should deserve the best treatment.

Puptigy is the right blog for you if you want to:

Teach and train new tricks

Groom pets by yourself

Find the best products available in the market

Provide the best pet care as possible

Learn new information about dogs, cats, and birds

We cover a wide variety of topics, including:

Animal nutrition, diet, and food

Best animal product reviews

Training tips and resources

Grooming techniques

DIY animal projects

And so much more...


Pet blogs are a crowded market lately. With so much data provided online, we go the extra mile to offer you the best information at improving the health and welfare of your pets. At Puptigy, we do the following:

Make It Simple

Living with a dog or a cat isn’t easy, but we make it simple as it can be. We simplify all the complicated science and elaborate it in a way that anyone can understand. You don’t need to be a genius to understand all our articles.

Provide Tips That Actually Work

All the tips that we offer are guaranteed to work. We tried and tested them all on actual animals to determine if they’re really effective. All the tips are easy and humane to do to your pets.

Give An Unbiased Review

What we want is for you to choose the best product that gives the best value for your money. Most importantly, we want you to use products that are safe for your pet.

Many product reviewers are paid to say only the positive things about a product. In this blog, we strive to provide unbiased and impartial reviews so you can set the right expectations.

Focus On Important Stuff

We tackle on topics that are commonly faced by pet lovers, like pet training, grooming, and nutrition. The information that we provide are all facts and not fillers. They’re linked to credible sources so you’ll know that we’re not making them up.

Give Step-By-Step Instructions

When we give an advice, we present it in step-by-step instructions so you can execute them perfectly. This makes the process easy to understand and follow. Some visual references will be added to guide you well, like videos and pictures,


Our site is easy to navigate. Simply click some of our top content on our homepage. You can find our newest content at the top of our site. In our reviews section, we’ll be reviewing many animal products from dog food to toys and harness.

We post new contents regularly so check our blog from time to time. Just click on the title and read away. Make sure that you’re open to new information so comprehension will flow easily.

You can also leave some questions or share to us your thoughts in the comments section of each article. If you like the article, you can share it with your fellow friends who have pets of their own. That way, you can help them somehow on dealing with their pets accordingly.


I am a freelance writer and a former veterinary technician of 7 years. I live in Massachusetts, with my two pets: Emma the Siberian Husky and Gerald the Siamese Cat. Just recently, I adopted a 10-year old poodle from an animal shelter, which is a great addition to the family.

I am a volunteer to two animal organizations: GoEco and Best Friends Animal Society. Because of my volunteer work, I was inspired to write about animals to make sure that they’re taken good care by their owners. Just like humans, animals need love and attention.

I started this blog to share information about proper animal care and nutrition. Knowing how difficult it is to raise a dog or cat, I thought of sharing with you what I learned so far. If you’re ready to get started, check some of our new content on our homepage.