How To Train Your Pitbull: Learn The Ways Here

Do you have an aggressive pitbull that you want to train? If you do, then you’re lucky because I’ll be showing you some steps on how to train your pitbull to become a sweet and loyal companion. Of course, your pitbull won’t learn overnight so be patient and take the time to teach him well.

I had a pitbull before and I had a prejudice of its menacing behavior. To my surprise, you can actually train a pitbull if you put your heart into it. If you want to learn the ways, keep on reading.

What You’ll Need

  • leash
  • Collar And Tags
  • crate
  • treats
  • toy
  • patience
  • Calm Assertive Stance

You need a to project a calm, assertive energy to establish yourself as the pack leader to your pitbull. Unlike humans, dogs instinctively search and follow pack leaders who project a calm, assertive attitude. Now the question is how to project this attitude?

The first thing you can do is to stay relax even if your dog is misbehaving. Keep in mind that you can’t explain with dogs why something they did was wrong. Don’t get upset and don’t take it personally.


Sometimes, the behavior of your dog reflects your personality. For example, if you feel tense for a possible dog encounter, your dog will probably go crazy at the sight of another dog.

To achieve a calm attitude, I suggest that you live in the present. Forget your mistakes in the past and your worries for the future. Imagine being someone you look up to, like your mentor or parent, and copy his behavior.

Step-By- Step Instructions On How To Train Your Pitbull


Give Your Dog A Crate, Collar, And Tag

Shelter your dog on a crate. Your dog should see it as a place for sleeping and not something for punishment. Don’t forget to wear him a collar and a name tag. If youhave the budget, inject him with a microchip.


Provide Your Pitbull Plenty Of Exercise

Your pitbull might get aggressive if he has too much energy or feeling locked up. To make your canine friend happy, take him outside for walks in your backyard or in a dog park. Spend at least two hours daily to provide him the attention and exercise herequires.

Leash your dog when your taking walks. You don’t want him running to strangers or other pets. As you give him more exercise, he becomes happier.


House-Train Your Pet

Before you get a pitbull, select a designated spot for urinating and defecating. As soon your puppy gets home, bring him to the designated area and wait for him until he uses it. Once he does his business outside, give him praises and treats.

You should determine the signs when your dog needs the bathroom. He may be walking in circles, sniffing the floor, or simply appears disturbed. Once you see these signs, take him right away to the toilet area assigned.


Use Treats As Positive Reinforcement

When training your pitbull, concentrate on teaching him rather than the outcome. Bepatient because your dog won’t catch on the training overnight. Also maintain a calm,assertive attitude at all times.

The training will take time but once your dog catches on the commands, everything will be simple. For starters, provide your dog a simple command. If he follows your command, give him praises and reward him treats. Giving him treats as positive reinforcement will go a long way to earn his trust to subdue his aggression.


Be consistent when using positive reinforcement. Similar to how you would discipline a child, reward him every time he does something right. You can use treats or simplewords of praises.


Establish Supremacy

To prevent your pitbull from acting dominant over you, establish supremacy. Your pitbull should realize that you’re the pack leader and not the other way around. Once he realizes that, he’ll obey your every command while keeping his respect and loyaltyto you.

To demonstrate dominance, you should be able to give your dog permission to do both the things he or shouldn’t do. Give praises quickly so he knows that you own him. If your dog does something bad, correct him quickly.

In other words, you need to show dominance by giving and denying him permission to do things such as go outside, eat, or jump on the sofa. Your dog has surely recognized you as pack leader if he lets you enter the house first and obeys on your first command.


Leash Train Your Pitbull

Learn how to train your dog on a loose leash rather on a pulled tight one. This will provide him more freedom to explore and go to the toilet, while still being within your reach. Putting your dog on a leash will prevent him from getting out of control when outdoors.

When training, your dog should learn that the leash should be loose at all times. If he tries to put tension on the leash, discourage him by pulling him in the opposite direction. Your dog should follow you and not attempt to lead the way.


If your pitbull is keeping the leash loose, give him a treat and praise him. This will make him aware that what he’s doing is right.


Thwart The Biting Before It Begins

While your pitbull is still small, let him know that biting is wrong. Try to move your hand away or fake a cry whenever he bites you. This will send him a signal that what he did was wrong.


Another way to impede your dog’s constant biting is to give him his favorite toy. This will transfer his aggression in a playful method.


Socialize Your Dog

Take your dog out so he can meet other people and dogs. This will make your pibull friendly as he will learn to get used with other animals. For best results, begin socializing your dog when he’s still young.

If you have the means, you can enroll your pup in a puppy training class once he reaches six months. The proper class will get him get used to other dogs and learn proper behavior.

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Pro Tips

  • Look out for signs that your pitbull is upset or agitated. Your dog is probably uncomfortable around another dog if he shows any of these signs: growling,curled lip, stiff posture, or folding his tail between his legs. Once he exhibits any of these behaviors, learn how to change his mood by giving him a treat, taking him for a walk, or simply praising him.
  • When using positive reinforcement, always be firm. Don’t give treats even if he looks cute because it will send mixed signals. You should only give rewards if he does something good.
  • Dogs, in general, have short memory attention span of 5 seconds. If you’re giving praises and corrections, do them quickly.
  • As part of socialization, try introducing you pitbull with other dogs.

Final Thought

Did you have fun learning the steps on how to train your pitbull? I know it will be hard for the first time but after a couple of repetitions, your pitbull will surely pick up the instructions well. Be sure that your patient and project a calm, assertive behavior.

If you’ve tried training a pitbull, let us know the outcome in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you like it.

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