How To Stop A Dog From Urinating Indoors: Know It Here

Do you have a dog that keeps on urinating indoors even if you’ve trained him to do his business outside? If you do then I feel you. I have a dog that still pees inside our house and it frustrates me that’s why I have searched for several ways on how to stop a dog from urinating indoors.

Your dog can also be urinating indoors due to several reasons, like a medical problem, marking, or anxiety. If you check online, there are actually many articles that tackle this problem but what I’m going to share are the effective ones that work on my dog. If you’re ready to begin, let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

  • Leash
  • Crate
  • Treats
  • Pet Urine Enzymatic Cleaner
  • Blow Dryer
  • Dog Appeasement Pheromone (DAP) Device

The urine of dogs can leave an enzyme that seems to mark the spot of your dog’s bathroom. So once your dog feels like peeing, he follows the scent of the enzyme and pee on the exact spot. To remove the urine smell entirely, try using a pet urine enzymatic cleaner, like this one.

If you’re in a pinch and you don’t have a pet urine enzymatic cleaner ready, you can use any of these household items as an alternative.

  • Borax
  • Dish Detergent + Hot Water
  • Vinegar + Water

Vinegar is also a great alternative for an enzymatic cleaner. The strong smell of vinegar can discourage dogs to urinate on the same spot. It also helps neutralize the odor of your dog’s urine. To create a vinegar solution, mix vinegar and water in 1:2 ratio.


Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Stop A Dog From Urinating Indoors


Determine The Root Cause

There are several reasons why your dog urinates indoors. He could be marking, anxious, not toilet trained properly, or worse suffering a medical condition.


Urine marking is often done to establish a territory and it usually starts when your dog becomes sexually mature. A male dog who is reproductively intact is more likely to mark when he sees a female dog in heat close by.

Female dogs with intact reproductive organs are also more disposed to marking when they’re in heat. If you believe that your dog is urine marking, proceed to step 2.

If you often leave your dog alone, your dog might be urinating indoors due to anxiety: proceed to step 3. For all you know, your dog might be urinating indoors because he’s simply not properly trained. In this case, proceed to step 4.

Also, find out if your dog has a health problem. If you think he does, proceed to step 5.


Lead The Pack

The most common way to stop your dog from marking is to neuter your male dog or spay your female dog. Another way is to become a pack leader. To be a pack leader, you need to teach your dog what is the right behavior and what isn’t.

Get to know the members of his pack so you can determine and help satisfy their needs. You need to be firm, calm, confident, and consistent so your dog feels secure around you. Establish your position as the leader by attending to his need. Take a walk with him and show to him the designated peeing spot outside.


Ease Out His Anxiety

Your dog might have some occasional accidents due to anxiety. For this reason, you need to go easy with him if you catch him in the act. Don’t yell or punish him because he might think that peeing in front of you is bad.

If you’re always away from home for a long time, your dog might be experiencing separation anxiety. To reduce his anxiety, you can leave him a treat while you’re gone. You can also ask someone to stay with your dog while you’re away to keep him company.


If none of these things are working, you might consider using any DAP device: diffuser, spray, or collar.

  • DAP Collar
  • DAP Diffuser
  • DAP Spray

Use a DAP spray 15 minutes before your dog enters the area. Its effect usually lasts for about two hours


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Potty Retrain Your Dog

Take your dog on a leash outside and select a designated spot for peeing. Dogs learn through repetition so set a definite schedule on when you’re going to take him out. You need to take him out first thing in the morning, before he sleeps at night, each time you come, and each time you leave.


Each time your dog pees outside successfully, reward him with praises and treats. During this potty-retraining session, don’t leave him in the house unattended. You can keep him in the crate or X-pen for the meantime. Once your dog is fully potty trained, you can remove the crate and let him roam around the house freely.


Check The Vet

If your old dog has made some occasional accidents lately, then you can make an assumption that your dog might be suffering a health problem. Such health problems may include urinary tract infection (UTI), kidney disease, and diabetes. A health problem is usually the reason of your dog incontinence if he urinates very fast or more frequently than usual.


Remove The Urine Scent

Dogs are drawn to the scent of their urine that’s why they urinate in the same spot. To remove the scent of their urine, clean the area with any pet urine enzymatic cleaner. Soak the object or spot with the enzymatic cleaner and let it dry with a blow-dryer. If you use Borax, rub it on the hard surface and let sit until dry. For your marked carpets, dab the stain with the mixture of dish detergent and hot water. Drop a mixture of vinegar solution into the spot and dry it with a blow dryer.

If you want some more ideas on how to clean dog urine, watch this


Catch Him Before And During The Act

To prevent your dog from urinating indoors, try to catch him before and during the act. You can tell that your dog is about to urinate if he circles around, sniffs the ground, or raises a leg.

As soon as you see these signs, you can take your dog outside on a leash and show to him the designated peeing area


If you catch your dog in the act, get their attention immediately with a loud noise. You can clap your hands, but not yell. Once he stops, take him outside and let him finish his business on the designated peeing spot.


Pro Tips

  • Don’t use cleaners with ammonia in cleaning the marked spot because it will just attract the dog more to the area since a dog’s urine also contains ammonia.
  • To prevent access to marked objects, you can try putting a double sided tape.
  • Try placing some treats on his frequent marked objects and spots. This will change his regard to the objects as sources of food.

Final Thought

Did you enjoy learning how to stop a dog from urinating indoors? I surely did and I’m thankful that it has helped me solve my dog problem. I know that it can be frustrating at times but you should trust in your dog’s learning ability. With patience, you can stop your dog from urinating inside your house.

If you have a dog that urinates indoors, tell us how you put a stop to it in the comments section. You can also share this article with your friends if you find this helpful and informative.

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