How To Cut Dogs Hair With Scissors: It’s Easy Than You Think

Do you have a furry dog that needs a haircut badly? If you do, don’t fret because this article will show you how to cut dogs hair using a pair of scissors, among other things. Using scissors takes patience and time but nothing’s impossible if you know how to hold the scissors at the right angle.

In my experience, I learned that the cooperation of your dog is also important for the success of this task. Cutting the hair of your dog is a lot similar to cutting your own hair. If you want to get started, check the materials you’ll need and the steps below.

Things To Consider When Using Scissors

Although clipping is usually preferred over scissors due to convenience, there are still many pet owners who still like to use scissors to trim their dog’s hair. If you want to use scissors over clippers, there are some things that you need to consider and they are the following:

  • The type of cut you like to achieve for your dog, such as thinning, straight cut, orcurved.
  • The weight of the scissors. While there are some who love a heavier pair, others prefer a lighter pair instead.
  • Decide if you want to get a right-handed pair or a left-handed one.
  • If you want a durable pair of scissors, look for models made of harder steel. Keepin mind that they are priced higher though.

What You’ll Need

  • Grooming Table
  • Combs And Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Finger Guards (Optional)

You may need to use rubber finger guards if your scissors have holes that are too large for your fingers. You want a comfortable fit so the scissors won’t slip in your hand during the hair cutting process. Look for a high-grade rubber to offer maximum durability.


Step-By- Step Instructions


Gather Your Supplies

Find a place in your home and position your grooming table. You want the environment to be quiet so you can concentrate and minimize the possibility of your dog being scared by loud sounds. Place the brushes, combs, and scissors at arms reach.

Now place your dog on the grooming table at the most comfortable height. If your pet is agitated, it’s best that you restrain him on the leash of the grooming arm. If your table has no grooming arm, you can ask someone to restrain the dog for you.


Brush And Comb Your Dog’s Hair

Brushing or combing your dog’s hair help remove any loose hair and dirt. Use a wire-pin brush or bristle brush to brush the hair of your dog. Focus on parts that often touch the ground, like the hind legs, because they’re more prone to dirt buildup and tangles.

Hold the hair away from the skin and use a slicker brush to remove any mats and tangles. Be sure that you don’t tug or pull the hair because it can be really painful foryour dog. Always work from the end of the hair.


Start Cutting Along The Back

With your dominant hand, reach for the straight grooming scissors and position your index finger and thumb in the finger holds. If the finger holes are too large for you, use rubber finger guards. While holding the scissors, hold the hair away from the skin with your free hand and clip on top of your fingers.

Start along your pet’s back and trim the end of the hair by taking off a short amount of hair, around 1/2 inch. To check any uneven ends, comb the hair up and backward. Keep on combing backward, holding the hair up, and trimming until you achieve the desired length and all fur is evenly trimmed.


Trim Along The Back To The Tail And Rear Leg

Continue backcombing and trimming all the way down the back of your dog until you reach the base of the tail. Proceed down every side. Repeat this process of combing back and snipping until you don’t notice any unruly hairs sticking out.

Comb back one of your dog’s rear legs and trim according to the shape of the leg. Repeat the same process with the other leg.


Trim The Feet And Tail

Brush the hair up on your dog’s foot and trim the hair that’s sticking out. Your goal here is to continue back brushing and trimming any unruly hair that sticks out until your dog has round velvet slippers.


Lift one leg up to check what’s underneath and comb the area. If you find any unevenness, snip the area lightly to eliminate any stray hairs. Use the straight grooming scissors to trim around the edge horizontally.

Now grab your dog’s tail and let the hair hang fairly on opposite sides then snip it nicely in an even length. Hold the hair at the tail’s tip and twist it. At this point, trim the length straight across. Be sure that you don’t cut the tail itself or it will hurt your dog badly.


Snip Around Your Dog’s Face

In this step, you’ll be giving a nice rounded effect on your dog’s head. Using a pair of rounded tipped scissors or blunt-end scissors, snip around your dog’s eyes and face. These scissors are safe to use because they protect your dog from getting cut.


Start at your top of your dog’s head between the ears. Comb the hair upwards and clip it on top of your fingers. Do it from ear to ear and then from the head’s back to the top of his eyes. Ensure that there’s no hair hanging in front of your pet’s eyes.

With your fingers, pull up his hair near his eyes and top of his nose. Carefully snip the hair under and around the eye part. To create a half moon, comb down and snip each side. Continue clipping under the chin evenly.

If you want an idea on how to trim your dog’s face on a flat face dog, watch this


Trim The Ears And The Chest

Comb down the hair on the ear and ensure that there are no mats present. Before you snip, hold the ear where the leather ( also known as the lobe) finishes. You want to snip the ears to the leather’s shape with out nicking your dog’s ear. Do the same withthe other ear.


Don’t forget to trim the front neck and chest. If your dog has a thick coat on the chest, use a thinning scissor to remove some of the hair. Create a final pass over your pet’s coat and trim off any stray hair if necessary.

Pro Tips

  • Before you begin cutting your dog’s hair, be sure to clean it. Make the hair soft to scissor by putting a conditioner on his coat. Brush to dry and ensure that the coat is dry, not curly. Now that your dog is fluffy, brushed, and combed, you can start the scissoring.
  • Be sure that the scissors are sharp because using otherwise may cause injuries and difficult to control. One time I use a pair of dull scissors and it tugs on my dog’s hair too much causing some unnecessary pain.
  • After each small cut, don’t forget to comb to see the change.
  • Always point the scissors away from your dog and watch where you’re going to trim before you squeeze the scissors handle.
  • Never trim your dog’s whiskers because they serve as his sixth sense to feel things near his face. Although the whiskers will grow back and won’t hurt if trimmed, it’s best to leave them alone.

Final Thought

Did you have fun learning how to cut dogs hair using a pair of scissors? I know the steps can be a little difficult from the start but with patience and practice, you can cut your dog’s hair like a professional trimmer in no time. Make sure that you use the right tools and equipment so you can make this grooming task more efficient.

In my experience, I had fun cutting the hair of my dog, Maurice, because, he was sitting so calm on the table. For that clean cut, go in the direction of the hair.

If you’ve tried cutting the hair of your dog using a pair of scissors, let us know howyou do it in the comments section. Don’t be shy to share this article with your friendsif you find it helpful.

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