How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog: All It Takes Is 10 Simple Steps

Do you want to get a dog but your parents just think otherwise? Well, you’re lucky because here in this article I’ll be teaching you how to convince your parents to get a dog effectively. There’s not much material you need but pure persuasion and patience.

Personally, I think that as a kid, you should get a dog because it can teach you how to be kind and responsible. However, it can take a lot of effort, time, and even money that’s why your parents might be hesitant of getting one. If you think you’re ready to get a dog, let’s get started.

Benefits Of Having A Dog

Owning a dog can actually offer many benefits. Here are some of the benefits you and your family can expect.

1. A Dog Can Improve Your Health

Having a dog can give you fewer illnesses, like headaches and colds. Contrary to popular belief, a dog can help minimize your risk of developing specific allergies, like grass allergies and ragweed. By being exposed to germs, you can build a strong immunity against them, making you less sick in return.

2. A Dog Can Make You Happy

Having a dog companion can make you happy, hence reduce your risk of depression.This is because taking care of a dog needs routine and an active lifestyle, hence you focus less on feeling down. Receiving love and interacting with a dog can also help you remain positive.


3. A Dog Can Teach You Responsibility

Since you’ll be forced to learn how to look after a dog, you’ll learn to be responsible in the process. Some of the few routine that you need to do are feeding, grooming,and visiting the vet. By taking over these tasks, you can also learn how to nurture other people.

What You’ll Need

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Careful Research
  • Calm Attitude
  • Money

Asking your parents to get a dog might take a long time. You need the patience to wait for your parents’ decision. Don’t keep on asking about it because they’ll just end up being annoyed with you.

If you’re getting impatient, you can take deep, slow breaths. Doing this will help relax your body and slow your heart rate. If it still doesn’t work, count to 10 or longer.Keep reminding yourself that it’s silly to react impatiently.

Step-By- Step Instructions On How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog


Talk About The Joys Of Having A Dog As A Family Pet

For your parents to appreciate the idea of getting a dog, highlight the benefits. Tell them that having a pet dog will allow you to spend more time at home, and hence,more time with the family. Say that rather than spending more time alone in the room staring at the computer, you’ll be spending time outside with a dog.

Tell them that getting a dog can be joyful for the entire family. You can talk walks together in the park or throw a Frisbee during a family gathering in the backyard. Let them picture how wonderful it will be to have a dog by your side while having a family dinner.


Tell Them That Getting A Dog Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

Convince your parents that having a dog can be therapeutic. Dogs are intuitive in nature so they can sense that you’re sad so in times of stress. This is probably the reason why most dog owners live a longer and happier life.

This reasoning is effective if your parents constantly leave you alone for work. Saythat instead of being alone, you can have a dog to keep you company while your parents are away.


Explain How A Dog Can Give You Security

Dogs are great protectors to those they consider as family. This means that having a dog can ensure safety for your home and family. With proper training, you can teach your dog who to welcome in your home.

The security benefit is a perfect reason to get a dog if you’re always left alone at home. Tell your parents that a dog can protect you while they’re away. If this reason doesn’t convince your parents, use the responsibility trump card.


Tell Your Parents That Owning A Dog Will Teach You Responsibility

Tell your parents that having a dog will make you responsible. By having a dog,you’ll learn how to follow a routine. You’ll be walking, feeding, and playing with him on a certain schedule.

You can also sleep earlier because you need to walk the dog early in the morning.This means less time using the computer and television and more time with the dog.With this kind of responsibility, you’ll be learning how to be responsible for another person.


Show To Your Parents That You’re Responsible

Now, words won’t be enough to assure your parents that you’re really responsible.You need to walk the talk. One way to show that you’re responsible is by doing some of the household chores.

Your parents will see that you’d be a great dog owner if you can do the basic chores,like keeping the room clean, washing the dishes, or even making your bed. If your parents are still doubtful, take it to the next level and help cook dinner or do the laundry. By helping around, you’ll make it very easy for your parents to say yes.

To let your parents see that you can manage the added responsibility of having a dog,keep your grades up. Show to your parents that you’re committed to work hard even if you’ll have a dog under your care. For assurance, make a verbal promise and be specific as you can. You can promise to get an A for science or score an A on all math exams.


Do A Research On The Dog You Want

Before getting a dog, do a slight research on the kind of dog you want. Regardless of the breed you want, explain your reasons for wanting that specific dog. You can show them the picture of the dog so they’ll get an idea of what it is.

Also, think about how your dog will fit into the conditions of your home. Let’s say,you want a Border Collie but no one is eager to walk the dog and play Frisbee, look for another breed. Make sure that you find a breed that your parents will be happy to accept.


Find A Way To Hep With The Expense

Helping with the expenses is one way of showing responsibility. Just like raising a child, owning a dog can be expensive. You need to pay the bills for grooming, vet,toys, and food. To help your parents with the expenses, you can offer some money to help.

Earn money by doing simple jobs, like delivering newspapers, or use your savings bank to help with the cost of caring a dog. If you have some money saved in your piggy bank or savings account, this is the best time to show them. Your parents will see that you’re taking the responsibility of having a dog at home.


Perform A Test Run

At this point, your parents might still be skeptical of getting you a dog. To show them that you’re really serious, you can volunteer to care the dog of another. In this way,your parents will see how happy you can be when hanging out with a pet.

If you can’t find another dog to care, ask your parents to provide you something to care of for a specific period. It can be a plant or another pet, like a hamster perhaps.Do well in this amount of time and show to them that you serious about wanting a dog.


Address Your Parents Concerns

Your parents might be worried about getting you a dog because they think they’ll end up taking care of the dog once you get bored. Assure them that you’ll care for the dog and that you have created a routine schedule. To prove your commitment, feed and take him for walks yourself.

Another concern of getting a dog is the possibility that he’ll destroy your home. A dog might chew on your furniture and bring dirt into your home. Address this concern accordingly by telling them that you’ll get your dog chew toys to prevent him from creating havoc on your furniture.

Explain to your parents how you’re going to prevent your dog from bringing dirt into your house. You can tell them that you’ll clean the dog’s paws once they get dirty.Also, assure your parents that you’ll be the one giving him a bath and cleaning up his mess.


Give Your Parents Time To Think

Remember the saying that patience is a virtue? Well, you can apply it here. Resist the urge to ask your parents over and over again. Give them time to think.

If your parents say no, show them understanding and maturity. Continue to show actions of responsibility, like helping the household chores and keeping your grades up. By being patient, your parents will see that you’re so committed that you’re eager to wait.

Pro Tips

  • Before you get a dog, make a food and water chart. This will determine the budget you’ll need. Consider about house training and a list of credible veterinarians.
  • If you’re concern about the cost, consider adopting a dog from your local rescue or shelter. This is more affordable as compared to purchasing a puppy from a pet store.

Final Thought

Are the steps on how to convince your parents to get a dog easy to follow? Your parents will be more convinced if you elaborate on the benefits. Resist the urge of being a brat and reason out calmly.

Your parents will surely listen to you if you tell them that you’ll care for the dog your self. Not only will a dog keep you company but he can also teach you the basic principle of responsibility. Try the steps with your parents now.


If you have tried convincing your parents to get a dog, let us know in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this wonderful article if you like it.

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